Bad Lunch

Tally ho! Hoe!

Would you like to go fox hunting? I don’t know any fox hunters but I know lots of foxy foxes. Therefore, I would prefer to hunt the fox hunters.

Lunch did not stay down. My mouth was delighted with the oat and bean burger, but my gut was not. It came up shortly before I had to leave for the gym. “Get the fuck outta here.” (that’s what my stomach said). I sucked on lime and salt to settle things down. A remedy from back home – you quarter the lime, shake table salt on it then suck. I didn’t want to cancel on dude.

I’m feeling fine now, thanks for asking.

It’s 11:00 pm and I just got back from the gym. Matt called wondering where I was. I wasn’t going to answer the phone cause he was interrupting my music, but he worries. They both do if I am not usually where I am supposed to be.

Standing at the bus stop I saw a text from Drè: Can you get an iPhone charger on your way home

Let’s say I forgot to reply. Accosted as soon as I walk in the door, “Mom, did you get the charger”

“No! I didn’t walk with my bank card.”

“I didn’t ask you to buy a charger. I asked you to get a charger.”

I have more to tell you but it will have to wait

It’s 11:30 pm. Do you know where your parents are?

Tue Feb 22, 2022

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