Journal Entry – Mon Oct 5

Back to work this Wednesday – I don’t feel ready 😦

Onto the good news – I baked more bread and I decided on my toaster; a stainless steel Cuisinart with extra wide and long slots for artisanal/homemade breads – I did it. Yay me!

Tonight I started taking my pills an hour earlier, 6 pm instead – hopefully it makes a difference. I spent the day baking, watching movies I’ve already seen, snoozing and playing Scrabble. Nothing to see here!

Tomorrow I am going to call PMI because they only gave me .5 PDUs for the virtual event I attended on Sep 9 – Totally wrong!

Dog Walker contacted me again. I didn’t send my Dear John yet but I know what I’m gonna say …

Dear John:

I am no longer interested in you or anything we could have had. 
In fact, I haven't been for awhile, this is why I don't reply. 
Please do not contact me again, on any platform at any time, ever. 

Your understanding is appreciated and your cooperation is expected. 
I will block you if you cannot respect my wishes. 

Take care of yourself. 
I wish you all the best in your future dating endeavours.


And that’s that!

I gave Matt my bank card this morning because he’s supposed to stop for groceries on the way home. He called me asking if he could use my card to buy lunch.

“There’s food at home so come home and eat.”

“But I wanna eat with my friends.”

“Then use your own money.”

“Why do I have to use my money when I have your card.”

“Because I did not give you my card to buy lunch. And remember, you’re supposed to be saving for your PS5. What’s more important!”

“Ok. I’ll call you when I’m at the grocery store.”

I thanked him for calling me first when he got home. Technically he could have used the card without asking (which is what I would have done, and dealt with the fallout when I got home. I likely wouldn’t even have said anything to my parents, they’d find out when they find out.)

It’s a beautiful thing to see the honesty in my children.

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