Hurt So Bad

… which is not good. Well! It’s been a shitty day.

I feel like shit. I look like shit and probably smell like shit too. (heavy sigh). AND I didn’t do shit – like I’m channelling Dre or some shit! Shhhhhhit!

My head’s split wide open, horizontally, from the bridge of my nose to the back of my head and someone’s pouring salt and ground-up ghost peppers on my brain. (heavy sigh two.)

There’s one internal follow-up work item I didn’t get to, it’s not urgent, but it is client-related – I will do it first thing tomorrow. Dead or alive. And log my sick day.

BTW I think these headaches may be related to something I am eating or lack a sleep. And I don’t wanna take pills for it so I gotta figure it out. They come on so suddenly. Before going to bed, I was fine, then BOOM!

I have other stuff to tell you, but it will have to wait.

Wed Sep 28, 2022

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