More Lazy Days Plz

Happy Canada Day! Dre is going to be nineteen in three days.

I learned that social media sites do not take care of themselves. Silly! I deleted all my posts from Twitter – I didn’t like how they looked. Now that account is just there! With a 280-character limit it’s best for short poems – haikus and such. I don’t know what I want to do with the account now, but luckily, I don’t need to figure it out today.

My first post is up on IG of a poem from 2021 – one of my favourites. It looks pretty.

I used Canva to put it together which was fun and easy – Old poem refresher! Do poems ever get old? IG has a large poetry community, which was surprising to me. If I have to invest my time anywhere, it will be there, especially since I can kinda redo each poem which, to me, makes it feel brand new! At the moment I can post one poem a week for the next two years and still have poems left over. And of course, I am going to keep writing. This feels good. Intentional! I’ve thought it through, compared to the Twitter incident. lol.


Dee and I hung out in the hot tub and the steam room this morning – had two naps and ate lunch at Slayer Burger. The 80’s rock band opened a burger joint! (I don’t know if that’s true!) They have a 45$ burger on their menu, made with Australian wagyu beef, a bunch of other stuff and a charcoal bun. I will try it one day!

I met a retired lady in the steam room, who told me about a quarter of her life story. For someone who finds it hard to meet and talk to people; people find it easy to talk to me. That makes me happy. Except when I don’t feel like having anyone talk to me 🙂 I’m lovin’ this building AND best of all – the walls are solid! You can’t hear the neighbours like in the old place!

Hmmm … I feel I prefer long weekend Mondays over Fridays. Gonna try to find Candyman (2021) streaming somewhere for free, hopefully, and watch it, without candy.

Fri Jul 1, 2022

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