Deadmill Lifts

This morning at 5:58 am I was in the basement waiting for the gym doors to open. I took my chances walking – Dre joined me thirty minutes later. After my one-hour walk was complete, I looked over at the busted treadmill and decided to improvise; using it as a sled. I held onto the inward-angled handlebars and pushed the belt with my feet; all because I don’t have an actual sled to push/pull – and now the deadmill is useful; for me at least.

While I was doing my thing – Dre suddenly popped up from the floor and said, “Mom. I think you like training like an athlete because it’s more fun than typical workouts.” I thought about it and he is right. That’s why I loved the variety my first trainer provided now thanks to Dre – I’m gonna look up more athletic type training and build them into my routine. It’s good to have a name for things

If you want to listen to the full Yiddish version of Milkshake – look up Paulina Singer. AND I now know what a mezuzah is – thank you Hunters II for everything. Well, I probably knew and forgot the name because we lived in a Jewish neighbourhood when Dee was in elementary school.

I am grateful the one working treadmill didn’t throw me.

2023.01.20 (Fri)

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