Office B-Day Party

All day the sun didn’t show its face. When home time came, it was pouring.

My Scrum Alliance CSM cert expired last September – I’m still not sure if I want to renew it. I’d need 20 education units and 100 bucks – the cert isn’t relevant anymore but I feel I am losing something. I will decide by the end of the month.

Oh! I remember what I wanted to tell you yesterday – A few days back, I received a reminder for a poetry Meetup. This one is with a different group and I failed to read the fine print. Attendees should have three to five original, winter-related haikus/tankas ready. I have nothing. I will see what I can do by Friday, If I don’t have anything by Friday afternoon I will give up my spot – which sucks!

We played Dodge the Whiteboard Eraser at work. I did all the throwing; those guys weren’t expecting it so they couldn’t dodge.


Flying whiteboard eraser to the head!

Bossman took me n Jer to lunch for my b-day and rolled into that was our Christmas Break lunch cause we never had the chance to get out before the holidays. Plus we also had our New Year’s lunch. (hmm … I feel robbed of food). Mr. CFO was supposed to join but he had other business. 😦 (BUT … he sang for to me happy birthday!) 🙂

First drawing for 2023!


Flying whiteboard eraser to the gut

Sleep tight! I’m back in the office tomorrow.

2023.01.04 (Wed)

— Samantha Williams —

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