May 31 – Journal Entry

Played catch up all weekend on my Jibber Jabber prompts. I had six outstanding, and now I only have one. A bit sad to see that it’s over – I will have to find other exercises to keep me writing. If that fails, I can fall back on Embrace Your Weird. You must watch this 🙂

I have a tough time staring injustice in the face. Emotionally it is difficult for me to deal with, so I stay on the fringes. I cannot imagine, I don’t want to imagine, losing one of my boys to blatant police brutality, backed by a racist mentality. This doesn’t mean that I bury my head, but I don’t need to see videos or listen to podcasts that go too in-depth – it’s painfully sad. I am aware enough. I donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and George Floyd’s Go Fund Me.

It’s not just George, but the guy recently shot while jogging. The dude in Central Park bird watching – when a white woman called the cops on him and made it seem like he was doing something to put her in fear of her life. All he told her to do was put a leash on her dog. That’s it! She later apologized, and I heard she was fired from her job. What drives that behaviour? Then there are all the other black boys and men before them. And after all the trending is over, there’s still a lot of work to be done. I will continue to donate to the cause.

Superfly – the remix is on Netflix. I think I’ve seen every single original Blaxploitation movie ever made. We covered that period during a film studies class I took in university. – There are several critics of the films because they perpetuate negative stereotypes but I will still collect them.

Had myself a mini spa day – pedicure and brow wax ( I finally had to bite the bullet and do it myself but they look uneven, and I am afraid to try to fix it). I also relaxed my hair. Tomorrow, I will work half day in the office – kinda looking forward to it – change of scenery.

I need my dentist to reopen.

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