May 4 – Journal Entry

Hello 🙂

I kinda wish it was mid-March when the quarantine first started. I feel stressed like I don’t have enough time in the day to do what I want, and then I go to bed late, and I can’t get up early, and I can’t do my yoga and/or run in the morning – just rushing through the day. It’s a vicious cyclone 😦

I used to be in love with Chuck Norris – I still have a thing for guys with full beards – Like Santa. LOL. I used to watch Texas Ranger and his infomercial for the exercise machine that uses your body weight. He’s sooooo cute even at 80. (is there such a thing as elder sex abuse?) Not being pervy or rapey. My stepdad loved Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal and John Claude Van Damme. My dad’s middle name is Claude. 

When I watch anime, without subtitles, and I recognize Japanese words, I’m so proud. はい (Yes!). If I have subtitles on, I don’t pay attention to the dialogue. There’s a YouTuber I love to watch too Kimagure Cook.  

I’m watching A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night while I write this. This guy has the word SEX tattooed on his neck – he thinks he’s going to get some then she does him in. Biting off his finger, then sinking her teeth into his neck. The soundtrack is fabulous! There’s a graphic novel for this movie – not sure if it came before or after.

Since doing a short post on Jubei Kibagami, the character from Ninja Scroll. The movie’s been on my mind so much I had to buy it – couldn’t find it anywhere to stream. It’s a classic, I have to watch it with the boys. I wish they’d bring back Dragon Ball when Goku was young – Living in the past today.

My skin is itchy, did I eat something I’m allergic to, or do I need to shower! I think this is my shortest journal entry, since I been posting online.

Feature Photo Credit: Yatheesh Gowda from Pixabay

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