It’s summer. I don’t keep track of the boys’ comings and goings. Struggling to do it during the school year is enough. What this means? They are left to lead their lives how they see fit.

Often, when I get up for work at 3:45 am Matt is still awake. And I think “geeze! Should I send him to bed? Whatever. When it’s time for school he will re-adjust.”

The Background: Sometimes I come home and the place looks like a B+B for the homeless. And I’m pissed cause I clean up before going to work. And I think “FUCK!!! I cannot wait to get my own place.” Here’s what else happened on one of those days …

The Convo:

Matt: Yay! Mom’s home. (he still runs to hug me at 13. But only if he’s NOT playing his current favorite video game)

Me: Hey baby. (Hugging him). You stink! Go bathe!

Matt: I’ll go take a fake shower (he’s running off)

Me: What’s a fake shower?

André: That’s when he puts on deodorant and changes his clothes.

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