Sat Aug 1 – Journal Entry

Now that the AC is installed, I had to rearrange the balcony. I spent about two hours out there – moving around the furniture, mats and plants. I think the redesign flows better. 

Earlier this week, I made an appointment with my chiropractor. While I was doing my thing on the balcony, I decided I didn’t want to go outside anymore. 

My appointment was at 2:15 pm, I called them at ~ 1:00 pm and told the guy that I had a terrible headache (I lied), and asked if I could reschedule to Wednesday? He tells me to call them back in two weeks and to get tested for coronavirus. WTH??!?! They’re not fooling around. Which is prudent, unfortunately for me. Headache isn’t even a common COVID symptom, that’s why I picked it. That’s what I get for lying. Hopefully my back pain doesn’t get worse while I wait.

I had to wake André up early because he didn’t wash the dishes the night before. I was excited about my lunch plans, and I’d already ordered what I needed from Instacart. My shopper was so slow – OMG. Imagine watching a sloth shop for your groceries. I think that happens when they are not familiar with the store, or maybe the app tells you they are shopping as soon as they accept the order. However, I am sure they still have to drive to the store and get situated – The app should indicate the correct status.

It’s been a while since we had dim sum. I ordered three kinds of dumplings and green onion pancakes. I made this Japanese pickling sauce for cucumbers. A few weeks ago, I bought a new brand of kimchi at the neighbourhood grocer – I had no choice, but this one is much nicer than my usual brand. So I got Chinese, Japanese and Korean dishes at my table. We didn’t have our dim sum with tea though, which I believe is the traditional beverage. Rice also isn’t a part of dim sum, but it’s part of mine cause the boys love sticky rice, and I love eating it with kimchi. 

I’m the only one who liked the pickled beets

After dinner, I thought I should learn more about Nigerian food. However, I still have two indigenous cookbooks that I haven’t made any dishes from yet. My heart is still in Asia, Japan and Korea specifically. I introduce myself to new cultures through food and language 🙂

I started Beyond the Black Rainbow – I almost fell asleep a few times – made it through an hour and seventeen minutes. I think I have thirty minutes remaining. It is nothing like Mandy, from a storyline perspective, but the cinematography is similar. I will finish it tomorrow, maybe.

Feature Photo Credit: @Hanni via Twenty20

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