Apr 9 – Journal Entry

I am running out of underwear, clothes to wear. Every morning, I follow the same routine I would have if I were going to the office because my boss insists that all conference calls be video calls. At first, I didn’t get why video was so important. Before the pandemic, he promoted video calling but didn’t insist on it, which was fine with me because I’m camera shy. 

Since I only get to see some of my coworkers in-person once or twice a year, it’s nice to collaborate visually. You pick up on the unspoken – silent dissatisfaction. You’re more aware of the people who can’t shut up and those, who never talk. My Boss encourages us to speak up. I like that, but I need time to process the input.

Now, with this constant interaction by video requirement, I am becoming more and more relaxed. AND, its had a positive side effect, I don’t think I would have been comfortable video chatting with Dog Walker if it wasn’t for all the practice I receive through work. Thank you Boss!!!!

I’m kinda bored with the whole dating app already and its only been ten days. These men say nothing enticing, thought-provoking or even funny. And I look at their profiles and in the About Me section, its either blank or says “Ask me.” Screw you, if you don’t have the time to put down a few meaningful sentences then I don’t care to know, even if you are six feet – hmmm maybe I will ask 🙂

Sometimes when they send me a “hi” or “hello” or “hello beautiful” and I don’t get back, they send the exact same message again – Try for a third time. I’ll respond then. Idiots! Other times I get these canned messages, where they make it seem like they’ve read my profile, and I just know they’re spamming every woman out there. Common, you think I can’t see through that. I’m not the idiot you are.

I am pretty confident I’m a sapiophile – I was continually falling in love with my professors. I am giving new meaning to the term “mind-fuck.”

It takes a long time for me to pick pics for my blog, too many options. I wish I had AI to parse my words and source about ten suitable pics. Then again, that probably wouldn’t work for me; I’ll still be wondering what else is out there.

It’s supposed to snow.

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