Speed Skreading

The comparison of battery life between Garmin and Apple doesn’t make sense to me. Have you ever seen the screen on a Garmin? There is nothing aesthetically pleasing about them. Those watches are built for particular functions, and that’s all they do.

The originals aren’t fashionable, IMO. The Fenix and Forerunners, for example, aren’t watches I’d want to wear every day – when I had the Forerunner, I’d do my run then remove it till next time. And thinking back, if I were to wear it every day, I wouldn’t interact with it half as much as I do with the AW. The display isn’t fancy because screen technology is different from AW. It’s like comparing the portability of a laptop to a desktop. I don’t see the point …

Someone: Desktop computers are garbage because I can’t take them everywhere I go.

Me: Well, dumbass, desktops aren’t built for portability.”

I don’t get why people write these articles – and why I waste my time scrolling through them only to get angry.


I had a job interview scheduled on an island for doing ticket sales, and I asked Daniel Craig to bring me over because I didn’t know how to get there. Instead of driving, he jumped into a speed boat, and I followed along in a parasail – attached to the boat electronically, maybe, because there was no cord.

He docked on one end of the island, and I landed on the other. There were coworkers from a former employer, an EVP and another SVP I was close with, but I didn’t talk to them because I was busy navigating the space to get to where I was going.

I went to three buildings and weirdly got lost in the elevators. By the time I found the correct place, I was way too late for my interview; then, I realized I had no idea how to get back to the speed boat and no way of contacting Daniel to let him know I was ready to leave.

While roaming, many animals, cows, giraffes, horses, etc., were scattered all over, but they were miniature, and I was trying not to step on them like I do the sidewalk worms. Eventually, I ended up at a beachside bar, and he was standing in a doorway watching me, and he looked so sexy – but we didn’t have sex.

How can a dream with Daniel Craig in it not include sex? Missed opportunity! Although, I kinda just would like to be held

I almost closed my sixty minutes exercise goal today. Dre helped; we went for a walk in the evening. Do women pay for sex in the same ways that men do? Do they have heterosexual male sex workers?

Sun Sep 11, 2022

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