Jul 3 – Journal Entry

Tomorrow is André’s birthday. He is going to be 17 – Wow! We will probably hang out in the park and BBQ, like we should have on Canada Day.

Around 1:30 pm we (André and I) managed to get outside. I was reluctant because it’s so hot out. First we played basketball – full court. Only one guy was out but then he left shortly after we arrived.

After that we walked over to the nearby school (not the school we usually go to) to find an appropriate wall for playing handball. I stopped for a while to play hopscotch. When was the last time you played?

I watched a lady do Tai Chi in the park this morning.

Ju-On Origins is on Netflix – the prequel to The Grudge. So far it’s alright. I’m getting confused with all the stories of the families that lived in the house.

Sleep cool!

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