Knuckle Up

How’s life?

Dee’s bday is today we are going out tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Mama!

I was all freaked out but I realized I could break my fast early on occasion, no need to worry about lunch/dinner dates and special events anymore. If I can feel full on 300 calories, I just have to choose my menu items appropriately. Nothing breaded, sauces on the side, and watch out for things that are glazed, etc.

It is nearly impossible to overeat in an hour. Not that I tried. I guess I could go over if I had junk or pizza or ate very fast but I want to ensure I eat right – if I ate garbage I might not make it through the next 23 hrs. Thursday night I had spring mix and garden salad, two fillets of tilapia and two servings of broccoli – about 300 calories total and I felt full before I was done. I’m learning to eat slowly; chew thoroughly and put my fork down between bites and I gotta NOT drink my calories.

This is a legendary transformation.
Two weeks down, the rest of my life to go.

I’m doing it!!!

If I can find my formula after countless failures, you most certainly can find yours!

Last Friday, Feb 17 I went to the fracture clinic. What started as a vertical line has turned into a T, or someone called it a butterfly break, where the fracture has spread to the joint and a piece of bone on the left side of the radius has broken off and is drifting about. They told me I might need surgery – waiting to hear.

They put the cast on so tight. Yesterday I thought my arm was going to fall off from gangrene cause my fingers were super swollen and felt cold and numb. Last night I ended up back in ER but I was fine. I need to keep my arm up as much as possible, wiggle my fingers frequently and one more thing I can’t remember.

All weekend I been on the couch watching boxing, MMA, and kickboxing videos on YouTube with Dre. I want movie streaming services to add a hide button, like how I can hide songs on Spotify. I’m going to Fran’s with Matt cause he wants pancakes. No fear!

Sun Feb 19, 2023

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