Journal Entry – Tue Oct 6

For some reason I am dreading going back to work. So crazy! I don’t even have to leave the house. Why am I agitated? I feel so icky today, even my special tea isn’t helping with the nausea.

Dee got her eight piece drum kit today and set it up already!

Well, I made my dal and it doesn’t taste like moms đŸ˜¦ She was a badass in the kitchen. I know everyone thinks their mom’s a good cook. Guyanese yellow split peas dal doesn’t taste like the Indian version. Mom never used a recipe in her life. Everything was cooked to taste. She was tasting and adjusting as she cooked – by the time the food was ready she wouldn’t feel like eating. She’d often jump in to save my dishes when I thought they were fit for the garbage. I miss that side of my mom.

BTW – I have two non-scientific theories. I think that Asian men don’t have a lot of hair because soy based products are a huge part of their diet and long ago I read that soy, and byproducts of soy, like tofu, are high in estrogen. AND I think that Asians and Blacks look younger than they are because they eat a lot of similar foods that are high in collagen, like shank or necks or feets (chicken, pig, cow) or oxtail (you knew that was coming didn’t you?) … And some history for you, typically, these cuts of meat were the leftover/throw away parts slaves would eat.

That’s my NOT-backed-by-scientific-research conjecture for today. The history story is true.

I find it very difficult to deal with AndrĂ©’s mental flare ups when I have flare ups of my own. Just really bad timing!!!

I wish Galleria was directly across the street from me – I’d hang out there, from open to close, familiarizing myself with every single thing on every single shelf.

Thanksgiving is coming up. No one likes turkey – we discovered that a few years ago. I might just do an epic charcuterie board and bunch of our favourite side dishes. One year I bought a turducken from the Healthy Butcher. I never bought it again.

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