Apr 25 – Journal Entry

For the first time, I am writing my journal before finishing the Discover One Word Prompt. And … for the first time, I probably won’t finish writing my prompt today. So sad.

I did a full workday – All the time I missed this week because of my migraine, I’m making it up today, and probably tomorrow too. 

All that work didn’t stop me from enjoying a movie or three (no wonder I can’t finish my writing). I watched:

  1. Demon – a Polish film on Shudder
  2. Audition – a Japanese film on Asian Crush
    1. I think I’ve seen this move about three times
  3. Extraction – American movie filmed in Bangladesh

At the end of Extraction, I saw the standard “no animals were harmed …” message. I looked at my son, “What animals? The rats in the sewer?” 

“Mom, I think the bad guys are the animals!” – We laugh. I love movies. When I was young my dad and I were at a matinee every weekend (it felt like every weekend but maybe it wasn’t).

Good news, my dirty laundry isn’t staring at me anymore – I paid Matt 50$ to do it. He started late, forgetting that the laundromat closed at 9:00 pm instead of midnight. For the last 10 minutes, I stayed on the phone with him because they turned off the lights, but at the same time, he didn’t want anyone to meet him there. We hung up once he’s in the lobby. 

He brings the bag into my room. I go to put my stuff away and surprise! As far as I am concerned, 50$ is a lot of money for a 14-year-old. Worked out to 25$ an hour – you’d think I’d get my clothes folded for that price. Apparently not. 

“Matt! How come you didn’t fold my clothes?”

“That wasn’t part of the deal.” 

What the hell! 

Feature Photo Credit: @inapashkina via Twenty20

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