Heavy Sigh

Man! I love those BAERSkin hoodie commercials.

Yesterday I spring-cleaned the balcony. I have these straw mats that need washing but they can’t go into a machine; then an idea popped into my head (or pooped) – I’m gonna take them to one of those outdoor DIY carwash places because they have power hose and soapy water.


Remember the issue I was having with the watch pausing during my indoor workouts. For about a week and a half, I was texting back and forth with AppleCare. First-level support was great. They had me:

  1. Unpair and repair the watch and try again
  2. Reset my watch and try again
  3. Turn off wrist detection and try again

With wrist detection off my indoor workouts went along fine without pausing. I’ve never had any issues with the performance of the watch outdoors. Outdoor walks/runs work fine, including the pausing feature. After the three troubleshooting tasks above didn’t resolve the auto-pausing indoor issue, they sent me off to second-level support. The woman was more of an intermediary because first-level did all they could with me and so she wrote an email to who I am calling third-level or tier-three, or AppleCouldn’tGiveTwoShits. Whatever you wanna call them they were useless.

I spoke to her on a Friday, and she gets back to me Tuesday or Wednesday the following week, only to tell me that her higher-ups said I should turn off wrist detection and auto-pausing only works outdoors. I fuckin’ lost it.

At first, I was mad at her because she wasted my time. I used to work in support if someone sent me that shit answer I would never go back to the customer with it, I’d hash it out with the person because obviously they didn’t read her email or any of the case notes BUT I didn’t yell at her.

I cannot stand incompetence, laziness and the general
“I don’t give a shit about my job” attitude some people have.

I bombarded her with comments:

  • Nothing he said is making sense to me right now. Did he even read the case notes!?
  • We already tried turning off wrist detection, did he not see that!?
  • If auto-pause is only supposed to work outdoors and I’m telling you it’s pausing indoors there’s still a problem!
  • This guy deserves a slap right upside the back of his stupid head!

Some of the other shit I said I can’t even remember – it’s like I was dealing with Dyson all over again! So she proceeded to write another note to this muthafucka and I haven’t heard back from her and it’s approaching a week.

Today I got in touch with senior tech Brian and learned that tattoos can interfere with the sensors and sure enough, my Buddha is sitting right under the watch on my right hand. Luckily, I don’t have any tatts in the spot where the sensor would be on my left hand. Tomorrow morning I will do my workout like normal, with the watch on my left hand and see what happens. Brian is supposed to call me at 4:30 pm.

And by the way, I told Brian I’m not convinced about the tattoo thing because auto-pause doesn’t malfunction when I’m outside – but whatever. If it’s a troubleshooting step I must take then fine! And if this tattoo thing turns out to be true, why they don’t tell you that upfront before you buy – supposed I didn’t have any ink-free places on my arms.

Just do your fuckin’ job properly to the best of your ability
and if you can’t cause you’re stupid or
if you can’t cause you don’t wanna
then you deserve to get fired!
There’s lots of mediocrity all over the place and we just put up with it.

Well, not me! Not now! Not Ever!

Onto more pleasant news – my first drawing since Jan 2023. It’s the FoundFlix guy I watch on YouTube.

Behind there is The Keto Diet by Leanne Vogel

Do NOT Settle!!! I don’t care what it is you think you need to settle for, don’t do it!

© 2023 Samantha Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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