Journal Entries! Rebranded!

I took the day off today because I needed it.

Well, it’s pretty much the end of the month, and I can’t say my sleep is much better, but I was/am trying. I’m gonna make an appointment to chat with my doctor and see what’s next. The thought of “sleep hygiene” makes me think of crazy shit. lol smh.

Early this morning, I read about Alzheimer’s and naps being linked, in a bad way. I already have seven or eight of the ten warning signs, so whatever. What will I write about if I develop the disease? The same thing! There’s a dementia joke for you; if you didn’t get it, you might already be suffering.

Comic box? Just about ready for use. 

When I was drawing my illustration for DDG I drew on the wrong layer and that’s how the pic ended up being so colourful because I couldn’t erase it without erasing everything else on the layer. And in the process, I learned that colour is nothing to be afraid of – I like how it turned out. 

Oh … I figured out a name for my journal entries. Instead, it will be, The Eucalyptus Tree Gazette – For news that grows on you. I was going to call it Syphilis Today – For news that will eventually drive you insane … but I already have that. (the news, not the syphilis) I don’t pay attention to real news, it makes me sad. I mainly get my news from trusted third-party folks I know or in sound-bites when at the gym.

I used to take deliberate breaks from current events, but since my last break, I haven’t gone back to wholesale consumption. Fake news? Well, that’s a different story. Depends on whose fake news it is.

I hope you HAVE THE PLEASURE to live in a reality that is good for you AND the people close to you AND the people affected by you.

Going to work on ANAGRAMMATIC or/and SONNET V poem.

Fri Apr 29, 2022

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