Life and Meh – Q2ish

Tue May 25:

Suppose my boss quits. My work life wouldn’t be the same – but I’m sure he’d have to give lots of notice, he couldn’t just quit out of the blue.

I’ve been supposing all day but I took a short break to rummage through Dee’s art stuff – I found some pens, erasers, sharpeners and pencils but still no sketch books that are empty enough for me to use. At least I don’t have to buy everything from scratch. Looking for supplies reminded me of how expensive shit was when she started university and even her high school cyberarts program too (if I recall correctly). This is why I had it in mind to stick to Procreate – it’s just cheaper but I’m serious about this art shit, this is why I am choosing to work with non-digital media too. I think I will enjoy the feel of the paper and the brushes and pens, etc.

I woke up at 2:58 am ugh! But I didn’t start work till 6. I feel strange. Stranger than my usual strange self. I changed up my home page again – the title and tag lines and some of the wording – I’ll keep going till I get it right. I do wish I could change fonts per post – that would be cool – especially for my poems – I’m bored with this font now. For my next poem perhaps I will write it in Word or somewhere, grab the image and post it, see how that works out. It would be good too if I can change the look of the background – a textured, colored background but not too busy to distract from the words. AND I might even draw the feature photo image. Hmmm.

I feel like I will write in my sketchbook but I still cannot bring myself to sketch in my bedside writingbook. When I think about doing it I feel sick – isn’t that silly. (but it’s true). Our townhall session was about stroke education/rehab. Did I ever tell you about the time I went to Canada’s Wonderland and I thought I was having an aneurysm or some other brain damage issue. I was riding the roller coasters all day and I thought that my brain shook up too much in my head and blood vessels were bursting – Turns out I just needed to get out of the sun. My mind always goes to worse case scenario first, then I’ll walk back from the edge.

The bump in my wrist is gone – I’m gonna start doing my push-ups again and see what happens.

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