Life and Meh – Q2ish

Wed Jun 9:

🎶 Hello mother. Hello father. greetings from camp something something … You miss Downy, that’s one reason. April freshness something something. Downy softness, that’s another. Downy something makes the difference love. Your mother! 🎶 (I was singing that when I should have been sleeping) I love jingles – does anybody write jingles anymore – that gives me an idea – I’m gonna write jingles for stuff based on other jingles – I should collect jingles. That jingle is based on a real song – Come to think of it, I wonder if someone would start a jingle then remix it into a song?

One of our dev guys always takes time to explain stuff to me – I told him thank you today 🙂 I am still plugging away at my roadmap/portfolio presentation and loving the book that’s making it possible – There’s so much overlap in the things we do and how different areas rely on and feed into each other – not just from a business standpoint but life in general. I like how one thing will lead me to think about other things and other things will make me think about more things – this is why I am always thinking 🙂 Most valuable for me though, is the book is giving me fresh eyes, I am looking at roadmaps very differently now than before I started this book.

For the past two nights – I haven’t been sleeping. I’ve been going to bed a bit later than usual, around 11:00 pm but I don’t fall asleep until after 3:00 am – the last time I saw this morning was 3:4+ am and then I am up at 6/7 – that’s not enough sleep – I’ve been aiming for at least six hours a night – my average for the last month is 3 hours and 1 minute. I am hoping these last two nights is just because of the heat and nothing else – I took a break from Excel, so I still had a productive day reading my book and working on the presentation and I did some OKR work too – Our Business Developer guy has lived in Germany, Italy and France – isn’t that cool and I think he speaks the languages too. Neat right! I’ve only ever lived in Guyana, USA and Canada.

Books make me happy 🙂 … I think I like real books more than digital books – I like to hold my books and mark them up and write in the margins and bend the pages and make dog ears. You cannot put dog ears on a digital copy (a bookmark doesn’t count!) I don’t like getting grease stains or cup marks on my books – usually I don’t eat while I read but my roadmap book has grease stains on pages 53 to 60 😦

Yesterday Dee gifted me a granite mortar and pestle and I was surprised to see seasoning instructions – but I am guessing it’s because this one is granite. I believe all my other ones were marble …

I’m not even done yet – grinding up wet rice is hard work!

I’ve been admiring camping cookware – even though I’m not a camper. I could camp in my backyard when I have a cottage one day or I could camp in someone else’s backyard. Is sneakin’ into people’s backyard and camping for the night a thing? Maybe if I sleep outside, I will sleep better!

Dee’s been looking out for my vegan wellbeing – The other day I bought two bite brownies with my pizza – there’s egg and milk in two bite brownies – I picked up the bag and Dee said, “Mom! I don’t think you can eat that.” Same for when I craving cinnabons – sometimes I forget – meat is straight forward but when thinking about ingredients in other stuff I don’t readily think about animal products. I also taught that marine collagen was made from kelp and and other sea vegetables. I was wrong!

Do you think I will get enough sleep tonight? If I am not sleeping by 1:17:25 am, I will grab the spare sleeping bag, my animal pillows, sneak into someone’s backyard and get cozy on their lawn.

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