Life and Meh – Q2ish

Sat May 29:

André and I went shopping. I got my massage then I was supposed to met him in the parking lot of our building, right beside Sab’s car. He took forever to come downstairs and I gave him enough lead time. I was about to start the engine and leave his ass when I saw him in the rearview. Still, I shoulda left him though cause that muthafucka complained about the music being too loud. Spoiling my experience. I drive hard with the music loud whenever I get in a car. That’s who I be, you’re not a baby-child anymore.

I told him to bring earplugs next time. Better yet though – I’ll just leave his ass and pretend like it was a mistake or even betterer – I’ll just sneak out the house. Only problem with that, whenever I sneak out someone always calls looking for me and I have to answer the phone or else they’ll just keep calling. ugh! I’m a grown-ass woman, I ain’t yer child bitch!

I couldn’t be no Uber driver yo – my shit be banging. Don’t try to talk to me! Don’t try to touch me to get my attention! Don’t show me shit – I don’t give a fuck! As far as I am concerned, you’re not even in the car. I just want to vibe to the music and drive. If you interrupt me, I’m gonna pause that shit, cut your trip short by putting your indecent ass out my car and then I’ll rewind that shit and hit play! Fuck off!

There was a lineup at Metro, so I drove to SuperCenterStore, we picked up some stuff, then went to Whole Foods – Just so André could get his Whole Foods experience – but I don’t shop at Whole Foods for many reasons that we won’t get into here. On my way home I picked up some stuff for Dee at Canadian Tire.

Aside from the music and the drive making my day, (and I guess I should insert something here about all the fun I had hanging out with my son, but I’d be lying). I also found vegan kimchi. Hooray! I didn’t try it yet.

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