Life and Meh – Q2ish

Thu May 27:

Yo! I just finished watching Wrath of Man (2021) – Jason Statham is so … fuckin’ … hot. Damn! I love his movies. He looks short though – I don’t care enough to look up his height. Oh, and the movie was good too. Today was chill – I have another kick ass headache, but not a migraine thankfully. Maybe it’s due to lack of sleep why my head is hurting.

I got to hear Glowbee’s rendition of Ol’ McDonald – Sweet! 🙂

The SharePoint Reorg project is coming along. Aside from that, I been struggling with this friggin’ summer poem. Cough it up already. Jesus. I don’t even know what it is anymore – just a bunch of words on digital paper. I’d like to post something today, but I think I am going to run out of time, plus I feel I just need to close my eyes but if I stay up to watch another movie, I will try to finish and post my poem.

BTW – I got some of my art stuff – I got a free sketchbook with one of the things I bought, but I don’t like how it opens. It flips up, I like books that open like notebooks you know not writing pads. I likely won’t use it – Just doesn’t feel right. I’ll give it away. There’s this little section in the building where people put give away stuff, even though we’re not supposed to – once I gave away some expresso cup sets and cases for my old iPhone and recently I picked up a serving dish. Sometimes people leave books, mostly kids books, sometimes old movies on DVD. Purses, sandals. etc. but mostly you find housewares.

I signed up to get my vaccine. Last week I forgot to book my day off in Bamboo – Then I went in yesterday, or sometime this week, and noticed that HR changed the info so my boss is officially my boss. I’m happy and less stressed. I can stop supposing for now. Hopefully nothing changes. I mean, if it’s in Bamboo it’s official right? (ugh! just stop it!!!) I’m not going to worry … I will distract myself by worrying about something else lol. Whatever happens, I can handle it. Breathe … Relax, like Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

I’ll be alright.:) I will worry about why I can’t finish this damn poem – That’s a fun thing to worry about … Wish me write-rhyming luck 🙂

I hope you don’t have a headache. At least it’s nice and cool out. Did you know Pizza Pizza had non-dairy cheese and plant based pepperoni? Dee and Sabs are always hatin’ on Pizza Pizza. I think my eyelashes are too long which causes them to rub against my lenses and fog up my glasses. ( I know fog is not the right word – but I don’t want to use smudge right now – so it’s fog. Got it!)

Good night sun … Good night moon … good night laptop … Good night world (and all the people in it) … Good night dark matter and tarantula nebula and alternate universes.

Good night!

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