Life and Meh – Q2ish

Fri Jun 4:

Well … there are only three food items on the Izakaya menu for me, sweet potato fries, veggie rolls (avocado,asparagus and cucumber) and steamed rice 😦 If alcohol counts as food then I have a huge selection of items. It can right? Alcohol feeds my need for … (I’ll let you finish that sentence on my behalf)

You know how sometimes you know just enough to be dangerous – I feel like that’s me. Our CA helped me with reverse engineering the spreadsheet template – but the more I dug into it after speaking it him, the more the layout of the data doesn’t make sense – Now, I’m not no expert but I know enough to know that the structure of the data makes no sense – he has multiple sheets for data entry and then a separate sheet for calculations and funny enough – I haven’t found a single pivot table yet and there are no hidden sheets. – everything I’ve learned so far says you can have one table for data entry and you grab all your data from that table to create your pivot tables and you create your charts based on your pivot table data – ain’t nobody got time to be fuckin’ around with multiple data entry points – this ain’t the 1950s (hmmm, how old is Excel or Lotus 123 (remember him?)).

Anytime, I will be working this weekend as expected, but I think the end result will be much better than that convoluted piece of shit – but I think my boss cares more about getting shit done than getting shit done right 😦 That’s just my personal assessment! I feel like I’m in good hands though – thank you Online Training Hub Lady πŸ™‚ AND I feel comfortable requesting assistance from our CA πŸ™‚ Thanks Andrew πŸ™‚

I might not have time to write a poem this weekend, but if I take a break from Excel I will or I might get lucky and a quadrille will pop into my head – FANTASTIC! Wish me luck! By Sunday night I must have the Finance and Sales info on the dashboard. Finance at minimum. Since I suck at math I cannot be autistic right? Or is that a stereotype? I still have to do my research. I spoke to AndrΓ© school people – it went well. Bottomline, he needs to show up. Soon it will be between him and the school.

I kinda forgot to take my pills – sometimes I just don’t feel like swallowing them you know – I will look at them, pick up the pill box, put it down and go about my business.

I go sleep!

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