Life and Meh – Q2ish

Mon Jun 21

The Exec Dash is coming along slowly but poorly (jk) – I am very happy with how it looks, I just don’t want all the charts to be bars you know and some of the charts that Microsoft provides aren’t customizable – I can’t change the fonts/background colors, etc. AND although I want a variety of charts – maybe the data I am using is not conducive to anything but bars – which sucks big hairy ass balls (ewwww! I don’t recommend sucking those! Plus I still owe you a BHAB drawing) lol.

Over the weekend André bought Kozy Shack rice pudding cups – I was tempted to have one. They reminded me of when I worked the helpdesk for servers at IBM – I always had one or two in my lunch box. He doesn’t like porridge but he loves those! I will make a vegan version – I love rice and I love pudding. Oh … I also made my Thai condiment, nam pla prik, with the vegan fish sauce recipe in the book Dee got me for Mother’s Day.

Every now and then I will hear Dré laughing up a storm and talking to himself. He’s ok, just watching videos on social media. So far he hasn’t asked me to watch anything and doesn’t have any questions for me, related to what he saw. 🎶 Hey! Could you play? Another, somebody done somebody wrong song and I can’t remember the rest 🎶 Matt hasn’t been home since Friday. He’s at his dad’s and his absence is noticeable – The gamer spaz is gone!

I’ve been thinking out my scenes (haven’t committed anything to paper) but the Microburst I was gonna animate first might be too much for me to start with – It’s the one about your kids not growing out of hugging you. There’s four people, with running and jumping and falling and bleeding and screaming – I am still going to make it but I think I will record simpler stuff with individual characters as I prepare. Running makes sense, but jumping (I have no idea how to film stop motion jumping or throwing) …

Bottomline – I will go slowerish – I plan to record my first one this weekend – something simple, like standing and waving. lol (boring! unless there’s a tonne of weird shit happening in the background, like several alien species landing and people turning into zombies and werewolves and strange trees type appendages growing from body parts, etc.). That sounds like complicated fun! I downloaded the free version of Stop Motion Studio – I might watch Nightmare Before Christmas or a Wallace & Gromit or Shaun the Sheep something before the weekend.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go open the storage unit for the movers. I started playing Cozy Grove again.

Hi-Chew is my new favourite candy! AND I also plan to write a concrete poem this weekend – not sure what it’s gonna be about yet!

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