I Am An Artist

… And you are too 😍 Better believe it!

Good afternoon in the evening! Did you have a wonderful day of sweet discoveries and laughter and great company (including your own)?

Me? I just had the boys – which isn’t the worse thing in the world. They entertain me … unwillingly. Matt’s not getting enough sleep, he passes out anywhere – on the floor, the couch, the dining table, and my bed. Probably on the toilet too but I don’t know.

Ready to hear what I discovered … maybe not today, it might have been yesterday; while trying to complete one of the exercises in The Artist’s Way, I realized that I thought creativity was this finite thing – you use it all up and then it’s done. I didn’t even know I felt that way (but … creativity does need replenishing, and that’s where artist dates come in.) And also, sometimes I am afraid to use my creativity to make/do things. Where did those beliefs from come? (come from).

There’s a section early on in the book where she warns you about these types of discoveries and you have to turn any negative beliefs into positive affirmations (if I recall correctly).


Inseparable, that’s how we’ll always be
Inseparable, just you and me
It’s so wonderful to know you’ll always be around me
Incredible, what you are to me
Incredible, you bring out the woman in me
With your style of love
Inseparable, yes we are

Like a flower to a tree
Like words to a melody of love
There’s no way we could break up
No words that can make us
Blow our thing, we’re just
Inseparable, that’s how it is
Inseparable, for the rest of our years
It’s so wonderful to know you’ll always be around


Inseparable by Natalie Cole


Sometimes while watching shows I’ll see something I wanna draw so I pause the show and take a pic. I’m trying to see shapes and then convert those to a proper image. The Rabbit Magic Show is what I saw on the ceiling this morning – A rabbit wearing a top hat in a box and he was using mind control to make the ant dance and the ant was doing crazy moves.

I will try to draw for you all the weird shit I see on my ceiling from now on. Saturday is my artist date, I have no idea what I’m gonna do.

From Murder Maps


Β© 2023 Samantha Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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