Life and Meh – Q2ish

Wed May 19:

Dee made a rice vinegar based coleslaw and it taste so good – I haven’t been eating the kimchi; both brands have anchovy and shrimp sauce. I might make my own if I can’t find a vegan version. In the book Dee got me for Mother’s Day, there is a vegan fish sauce recipe. Dee was up late working last night. I woke up at 1:00 am and I couldn’t go back to sleep – I read bits of various books until about 4:00 am. Then I got up at 8. When I had my mini-meltdown late last month, I think it was because I stopped taking my pills for a few days before. Sometime in July, or August perhaps, I will rent an AirBnB for a month, if I can find one, and take a week or two off work.

Jer got his vaccine – I kinda want to get mine so I can hang out with those guys but now I have this irrational fear that they are going to tell me it’s Pfizer or Moderna but they will inject me with AZ, then I’ll be dead in 4-28 days. I cannot die yet I’ve got work to do and everybody will miss me. I’d like to spare them the grief for as long as possible 🙂 When I am on my deathbed I will still be blogg-arting. lol. I started working on my June issue of Blimey – will continue until I get bored, then I will do something else. I plan to take down my microburst collection and put them back as individual posts with illustrations.

Have you heard of Divi? It’s this great third party themes builder but I have to upgrade to business to use it – I’m not ready for that yet but I think it will give my site the feel I am going for. Once I’ve sorted my current stuff, I might go for it.

Today was a good day – Glowbee flashed everyone on the call and the folks on the playground too. lmao – antics. I was waving but I don’t think she saw me. Jer and my boss are quick-witted. They easily come up with shit on the fly. I am not quick-witted but I admire that quality in others. Everything that I could have said will come to me a few hours, or days, later. smh. My fish tank filter might be broken – it’s running but I don’t feel like it’s cleaning.

I hope I stay asleep tonight.

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