Life and Meh – Q2ish

Sat Jun 19:

Yesterday was the second day we didn’t speak since the beginning of the year. I had a really bad stomach ache – just came out of nowhere. I was laying in bed all achy and sleepless. Being achy and sleepless is worser than being sleepless alone did you know! The last time we didn’t talk I had a monstrous bad headache. Any time a body part of mine hurts humungously stupendously bad, I always wonder if I have some fancy disease that’s going to kill me.

Blimey Issue 002 is done – yay. I been looking at stop motion how-to videos for most of the morning and I bought my modelling clay, a tripod and some other supplies. I know exactly which Microburst I’m gonna animate first. I’m mucho excited.

So much for Valerian – Maybe I only slept the other night cause I was UBER tired since I didn’t fall asleep until almost 4:00 am the night before or whenever! 4:00 am is when I should be waking up. Some great ideas popped into my head last night but I was way too tired and painy to reach for my book and now … all my great ideas are gone. 

Are you paying attention to the Euro Cup? I’ve been kinda following – I’ll get excited once they get to the round of 16 and the quarter-finals

I read good news yesterday – They are taking down a statue of our first prime minister (if I am not mistaken) from a park in Kingston after finding a mass grave of over 200 Indigenous children near one of the residential schools he was responsible for instituting … AND they are removing his name from a public school. McKinsey did some research on the Economic State of Black America – Some of the information in the report isn’t new to me, and likely not news to most Black people. It’s nice to see it written down with charts and stuff, but my mind always goes to concrete next steps.

I need a lesson in choosing charts – I should have paid attention in Charting to Save Your Life class – but who knew that would come in handy one day!

I’m gonna go poison myself with alcohol and fall into coma – It’s the only way to ensure I get some sleep (I’ll measure about a 13 on the Glasgow Coma Richter Scale

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