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Life and Meh – Q2ish

Fri Jun 11:

I hope you had one of the best days of your life day.

My morning kinda sucked but that’s only cause I let people get in my head and send me spiraling. I was hoping to celebrate Friday by staying up late but I am already falling asleep (it’s just after 10:00 pm). I set a new goal; I will write at least one type of poem, per I don’t know yet. First I have to make list of all the different poem types – I am working on a villanelle – Should be ready to post tomorrow.

I’m so tired – I am going to brush my teeth and lie down and I will sleep for six hours straight 🙂 – Universe!? Are you listening?

I ordered a few bedside writing books – I have no more free pages and everything is all over the place cause I went backward and forward looking for blank space to write in – now I can’t find anything and nothing makes sense and I have to think really harder than usually to figure my shit out! I promise to neatly transfer stuff into my new book – Maybe I should stop calling it a bedside book – it’s with me on the couch right now. It’s a beside book – my constant companion book – too bad it’s not my clairvoyant book – I think it and my book automatically, neatly records it on the proper page 🙂



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