Life and Meh – Q2ish

Sun May 16:

🎶 I’m crazy. Crazy for feeling so lonely. I’m crazy. Crazy for feeling so blue. I knew, you’d love me as long as you wanted. Then someday, you’d leave me for somebody new. I’m crazy for trying. And crazy for crying. And crazy for loving you. 🎶

I got my glasses 🙂 The woman said she called me a few times and left messages. Oh well! At least I have them now. She made a big production of cleaning my glasses – Bitch, if they been sitting in your presence for weeks why you waiting till I show up to clean them? You just wasting my time and you ain’t getting no tip. I should have paid for my shit and walked out the store like ten minutes ago. Speaking of tip …

Ashley from Cornershop went back into Metro to get me batteries after he checked out. Awwww. I gave him an extra tip. Thank you for going above and beyond. If that was me – Motherfuck! Who does this bitch think she is? Your forgetful ass had over an hour to add shit to your order before I even started shopping. Why even the fuck you couldn’t tell me that shit when we were talking about all the other shit you wanted me to find for your illiterate ass? COVID or no COVID. I already checked the fuck out. (well, I’m next in line). This is Cornershop bitch. Take your ass to the corner store and get yr damn batteries yourself. Fuckin’ batteries!

I’m not as patient as I thought.

Is it just me, or are the weekends getting shorter and shorter? I feel like yesterday was Friday! WTF! It’s not like I had a tonne-o-fun this weekend.

I spoke to my ex – he left me a message to call him, which I usually ignore but I called this time. Not sure why. There’s nothing there. Nothing! We were together maybe in 2001/2002. One time I was working late because I had to process the purchase orders and make sure the techs had their equipment so they could just grab and go to client sites Monday morning. Dude calls me, flips out because I’m at work and says something like, “Shouldn’t you be home making dinner for your children.”

No you fuckin’ didn’t!!! I was silent; then I hung up and went to ranting in my head. What the fuck! Who the fuck! How the fuck! What the! This fuck! I was so angry I couldn’t even rant right! Another time, he got upset cause I went out with my girls and I didn’t tell him. I’m like, wait! “You go out all the time nigga and you don’t tell me shit.” If you’re not gonna do it, don’t you fuckin’ expect it from me! I’ll make your life a living hell of unconventionality. Why would I want to go back to that!  Maybe he’s changed but the memory is fresh – like it happened today.

Remember that girl who shot up a school just cause it was Monday? Just saying.

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