Life and Meh – Q2ish

Wed Jun 2:

I’m gonna rip my retarded face off!

I spent hours reverse engineering this stupid template because it is not as easy as just replacing the damn values-which is the assumption I made cause that’s usually how templates work. I think I would have been further ahead if I had just followed my gut and use the examples to start a fresh file. I want to finish this up this week at least the Finance and Sales data. But although it is difficult it is not boring. I’d rather do challenging work than boring work any day of the week but I think I might have put on my dunce cap instead of my thinking cap – I should label them so I don’t make the mistake again. lol.

Anyrithmetic, I’m confident I can wrap up by end of day Friday and I’m prepared to work over the weekend if I need to – I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life. NOT! But I feel ready, I’m not intimidated and I got my Tubers to help me AND the best part, at least now I know how to structure the data, which will get me to the pivot tables which will get me to the sexy dashboard charts. 🎶 You got me working, working day and night. Oooh. Ahhhh. 🎶 I feel like I can keep going but I’m gonna stop and start early in the morning.

My calendar was packed with meetings – I decided I’d start around 9:00-9:30 and pray to God that I stay alert and focused later in the afternoon. I cancelled two of my morning meetings to get a better understanding of the spreadsheet – and my afternoon meetings turned out to be super short, so I spent the whole day with Excel ~ 12 hours (who doesn’t want to spend 12 hours with their new love!)

FYI – Maybe. Suppose. Perhaps. Those are my favourite words too. I will find an artistic way to tattoo them somewhere maybe 🙂

Did you hear about the colonist that got trapped in a borrow in the Tarantula Nebula? Scientists don’t know what effect this will have on star formation in the future but they are keeping their infrared eyes open. The colonist will have to find their way out without help from Earth folks. Maybe they can start terraforming in the borrows. If tarantulas can live there, why can’t we!

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