Life and Meh – Q2ish

Mon Jun 7:

“Hello Monday!” I said through clenched teeth, while trying to force a smile. “What a surprise seeing you today. I was expecting Friday!”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

“Do you ever chat with Friday, or any other Day, about permanently going away?”

“I wish more people liked me. Where would I go?”

“Where you would go is none of my concern! Maybe you could get absorbed into Sunday or Tuesday. If one of those Days lasted 40 Eight hours that would be just fine with me.” What a wonderful idea. Sam! You’re a Genius with a capital JEE!

“Why do you hate me?”

“I don’t hate you, but … well maybe I do. You are difficult to love. No one looks forward to the work week after the weekend. Unfortunately for you, you just ended up in the wrong space.” Monday looks dejected and started to cry. I step forward with outstretched arms and embrace him. “Perhaps instead of going away you can switch places with another Day.”

“No one will want to switch places with me!” He said through sobs of snot and tears. I felt something wet on my shoulder and had to release my hug, He was grossing me out.

“Yes! Yes!” I said, as I pulled a wet nap from my Lysol Disinfectant Travel Pack to wipe my neck, shoulder, upper back and arm. “I guess I wouldn’t want to switch places with you either if I were Friday or Thursday or Wednesday or Saturday. Now we are right back to Sunday or Tuesday!”

“Could you find something about me to love?”

“Wow! Tall order. Let me think.” And I thought. And I thought. And I thought. AND – I – THOUGHT! Until my brain felt like it was gonna bust outta my skull, like an alien.

“I guess I could Monkey Around on Monday. Or … Mon reminds me of Bon – I could wish people well or I could go digging for wells. I could ring lots of bells. Hmmmm bells reminds me of hell … My apologies. I need more time to think. I will love you yet!” He smiles and we part ways.

UGH!!! I’ve been listening to project management podcasts but I haven’t been tracking them on the sheet. Great shit! I said I would enter them into the spreadsheet right after I listen. I’ve probably listened to twenty podcasts but I only logged two. If I don’t track it properly, I won’t be able to count them towards my PDUs. I fell asleep longer than I should have and I didn’t do as much work on my spreadsheet as I planned (maybe I just needed a brain break) and now I owe work almost three hours. The night is still young – I might get some work done later, otherwise I will makeup the hours this week.

🎶 Can I have this dance for the rest of my life? Will you be my partner every night. When we’re together it feels so right. Could I have this dance for the rest of my life? 🎶 Is that a wedding song? Where does love go – how can people be so in love one moment and so not in the next? I feel a sense of relationship immaturity and how can I want true love and still not want to need anyone or be vulnerable? I cannot have it both ways.

The cricket guys are out again and they have spectators now – that’s new – I wonder if they are teaching others how to play cricket? The Cricket Club! The League of Bowlers! The Bowlers Ball! The Wicket Cricket! lol.

Good night Monday! Quit bawling already! xoxo

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