Apr 11 – Journal Entry

It’s 9:30 pm. I’m already ready for bed. I listened to 90s R&B all day. Nostalgic. I love how music can take you right back to a moment. Vivid memories – Smoke-filled, sweaty, alcohol on tap, no space to move, music loud AF, bodies grinding house parties. You didn’t need to smoke to get high. Going home when the sun’s waking up, but first, you gotta grab a bite with your friends.

Trying not to swear anymore. I mean, I think sometimes it’s necessary, but most times it isn’t. And I don’t particularly like to hear other people swear. (I’m a hypocrite) I reserve the right to use the eff word for sex, but not in casual conversation or my personal journal writing, unless I’m telling a story and the character has a foul mouth. That reminds me – I had an ex-bf who never swore – like ever.

I What’s App dad to see how he’s doing and Liz calls me back. I’m really glad they’re both recuperating well and my little brother didn’t get sick.

Today after completing my Discover prompt, I was able to post four stories from one of my notebooks – hoping to finish that book by the end of the month. I only exchanged a few messages with Dog Walker today – I think I’m tired of him, but I may change my mind tomorrow.

I was looking for a movie to watch and couldn’t find anything – This is the second day that’s happened. Tomorrow I will check Asian Crush. I need a fantastic Korean action or Japanese horror movie in my life. Among other things …

I think there are more images of sunsets than sunrises because people just aren’t up that early.

I miss Happy Bunny!

Make the stupid people shut up.

Happy Bunny

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