RainbowFire - Journal Entries

Life and Meh – Q2ish

Sat May 22:

Dee said, instead of using photos, I should draw all the feature pics for my posts. A tall order, but I like the idea. 

I have no summer clothes. I was supposed to be back to my usual weight by now – what I was three years ago. But I’m still fat (plump. if that makes you feel better.). I’m like 20 lbs off my feel-good superhero power weight. But I’ll find my way … Like 50 said, “Get fit or die tryin’!” I don’t want to die trying though, that defeats the whole purpose. Hmmmm … I don’t think my mom exercised a day in her life – she might have stepped into a gym once. lol. She bought this exercise bike and an elliptical rower thing. She never used any of them.

Elliptical machines confuse me – it’s like I’m not meant to move that way cause I’m not walking, I’m gliding or … it just doesn’t feel right; and exercise bikes are uncomfortable. For now, I will stick to my weight training, walking and dancing unroutines.

I wrote my first ever quadrille today 🙂 but I wasn’t able to post it properly on dVerse. Oh well. Next time. I’m looking for different prompts to challenge myself and not just write what’s in my head – I mean … every poem is in my head but with prompts, I can’t just do my own thing.

Some jackass was setting off fireworks after midnight last night. This is a residential area bitch and I’m already having trouble sleeping.

🎶 I got veganaise in my bag. Swag. 🎶

It’s way past my bedtime but I wanted to finish my other comic microburst. 🙂


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