Life and Meh – Q2ish

Thu May 6:

I read an article in the Washington Post that they are looking at a temporary waiver on patent and/or intellectual property of the COVID vaccine. I don’t understand why we cannot realize the importance of knowledge/capability sharing during a pandemic or generally for that matter – hopefully, it won’t take them months and months and months and months and months to figure out how to care and share. Idiots! Yes! I know I said I wasn’t going to pay attention to the news but I didn’t turn off feeds with my new phone yet, so I see stuff and I read. Today we played Just Dance during lunch – 30 min of hard tunes. It was fun.

My boss got a new edition of Beautiful Bizarre – he sent me a few amazing pics. I cannot wait to exchange magazines. Art makes me happy; like flowers and dancing, and writing and Glowbee Bobee (I had the pleasure of seeing her today quickly – just chillin’. I wonder if cookie is her favourite word?). Tomorrow I have to go to our work storage unit and see about downsizing. I should have gone already but I didn’t feel like leaving the house and now it’s almost Friday and I promised our HR/Finance/Office Manager Lady that I would do it this week. I must go – I plan to leave around 10 am. I am nothing if I am not reliable. AND funny and sexy. Heeeeeey!!!

Yesterday while laying in bed I decided I would focus on writing one or two types of poems – of course, they will likely be Japanese but I might explore other types before deciding … BUT while I am deciding, I will start with senryu and haiku that way I am producing and not just consuming – something instead of nothing 🙂

Also, yesterday, do you know that game where you twist the stem off of an apple while saying the alphabet, whichever letter the stem dislodges on is the first name of the person you are going to marry. Well, when I twisted my apple stem, it dislodged on “A” and the first name that came to my mind was Andrew who is our CA and then I thought of the other Andrew who is our ex-salesless guy. Both of them I’d prefer not to engage. 

Sometimes I look through my bedside black book and I see random words and I wonder, “What was I thinking about?” Today I found “baby buttface.” Sometimes I combine things to create something new – Once I’ve used it, I cross it out with a pencil. And yes! I am still working on improving my vocabulary! That will open a whole new world of words for me. I also like psychological terms. Here is a random list I pulled out just for you:

  • Why are you bitter? Not enough followers on Twitter?
  • Toxic shame
  • Distance decay
  • A goat in a white spaghetti strap dress (likely a dream)
  • Grandmother wind (the start of my Japanese language haiku)
  • Where do puppets go when they die?
  • Speaking in numbers – runmaker (I don’t know what that is about)

That’s all I’m sharing with you today 🙂

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