Life and Meh – Q2ish

Sat May 15:

In my continued effort to information architect my site, I’m realizing that my blog is a lot like my moods/personality – it’s all over the place. I updated my home page – and the best part … I drew the feature photo! That feels GREAT! I am going to keep producing according to how I feel and stay true to my uncensored self. I blog because I love to write – writing helps me sort out my thoughts and feeling and stuff – I think if I didn’t have this outlet, I’d go insane.

I am in the process of identifying the types of writing I do. Dee and André are helping me make sense of everything. When I started this site, I just wanted to produce work that made people laugh and feel good, above all else; then to make people think; My blog is supposed to be a getaway from your current reality, get out of your head and come into mine – take a journey into Sam’s Wonderful World of Crazy Shit! (I might put that on my home page).

I also wanted to leave my digital footprint, but mainly for my family, hence the journaling … but as I continue to improve my current skills and learn new ones, I’m seeing so many possibilities, e.g. turning my microburst into comics; maybe animating some of my stories. At the same time, I know my comedy isn’t for everyone. When I make jokes at home and the kids look at me like, “Mom! What the hell!!!” That is NOT ok.” that makes me laugh even harder! BTW: Jer liked my Classified Aids post – He said if they were available on Groupon he’d get all of them. lol! (Thanks for your support Jer)

Donkey Darts – chase and throw darts at a donkey. Play Donkey Darts at your bachelorette, stag, or birthday party. Yee-Haw, Hee-Haw. Book your donkey today. Disclaimer: Our donkeys are actual family. No animal cruelty involved. Human cruelty? Well … that’s a different story!

Coming soon! In the next issue of Blimey – Sam

I love the song Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin I still do not have the proper tools for cleaning my tank. I pulled everything out to get started and realized I need a new manual pump thingy for cleaning the gravel, since I cannot use the one that attaches to the pipe.

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