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Life and Meh – Q2ish

Mon Jun 14:

OKRs are everywhere – they even apply to product roadmapping 🙂 🎶 I’m a yankee doodle dandy. Yankee dandy doodle dot 🎶 OMG everybody has a streaming service now – PBS, NG, Smithsonian even. I said so much yesterday, I don’t have much to say today – I will share with you one thing I learned, then I’m gonna explore how to make stop-mation movies

Women and men have different body chemistries and respond differently to medication. But the default subject for medical research is a 155 lb. male. Google software recognizes male speech with 70% greater accuracy than female speech. Standard workplace temperatures are based on male metabolism, making an average office five degrees too cold for women. Goggles, harnesses, and other safety gear are based on male anatomy. Women can select a smaller size, but must accept critical proportional differences.

The US government began using crash test dummies in 1950, based on a 50th percentile male. Women drivers, who sit more upright and closer to the wheel, were deemed “out of position” and were not tested or designed for. They are 47% more likely than men to be seriously injured in accidents. A “female” [crash test] dummy was introduced in 2011; it was a scaled down male dummy.

Thing No. 18 from 101 Things I Learned in Product Design School

Hmmm … I may have more to say later, it is only 5:37 pm 🙂


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