RainbowFire - Journal Entries

Life and Meh – Q2ish

Tue May 18:

André thinks we are on the autism spectrum – I asked him why he feels that way. I figured he probably saw something on the Tube but he said that it’s just a feeling he has – but the feeling must have come from somewhere right? I’ve never thought about that, I have too many issues already, maybe I will do some research and chat with him about it again – Now I am curious!

I enjoy working with our IT guy – he’s smart and funny. I selected a few AC stickers from Sab’s stash – my favourite in order:

Awwwww Isabelle! That’s so sweet!
I love you too baby!
Marshal reminds me of Happy Bunny!

It’s soca season – Time to bubble on a DJ. I wonder if there will be any boat parties this year. I shouldn’t be partying boats since I cannot swim. My last boat party was 2015 maybe. It was hot that day and we wore all white. Soca parties are hype – I would like to go to a carnival in every country that has carnivals, starting with Trinidad!

I haven’t Me Journaled in a while – I plan to soon. My focus is on getting my website just right and illustrating my microbursts. Matt is looking for a summer job.


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