Life and Meh – Q2ish

Thu May 20:

I am insanely sleepy.

Last night even, I woke up at 1:00 am and didn’t go back to sleep till after 4:00 am. While I was working, I was struggling to keep my eyes open – then I decided to get myself a coffee. Didn’t help. Then as soon as I thought, “let me just get through my 1:1 then I am going to take the afternoon off – I texted my boss, only to find out he had other commitments. (or maybe he texted me first – I can’t remember) It’s like his schedule can see the future – “Sam’s gonna be fuckedUp! AGAIN!!! I’ll rearrange your schedule so there’s a conflict with her meeting, cause fuckedUp Sam ain’t no fun!” That’s not true btw. I am fun – 25/8/365.5.4. Year round and then some! Bitch!

I took the afternoon off and tomorrow too – left to get my Fluval 407 canister and those SOBs tried to sell me a broke one. I say that because, if I had a car and they had just put it in my trunk, I would not have known it was broken till I got home. Douche bags! Why! I was standing on the sidewalk way longer than I shoulda been while I waited for them to figure it out. You’d think I started hookin’. “Dude! Leave me alone. Any other day, but not today. My fish come first! You can come home with me though; I’ll take care of you after!”

They went looking for a new 407, didn’t have it and I couldn’t wait for them to order me a new one, my poor fish! I got the 307 instead and it’s all setup and running – after taking a two-hour crash course in Fish Filterology. (Dude only gave me 25 bucks; said I kept him waiting too long.) I also needed help from the Tube to set the damn thing up. I think I may be overfeeding my fish, because I saw a video that said giving them a break from eating for a day or two isn’t bad and is one thing that could be contributing to the cloudy water. I been feeding them twice a day 😦 Also, I went back to their old fish flakes, I think they liked that better. I’m not gonna feed them again till Sunday evening.

I hope I sleep through the night!

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