Life and Meh – Q2ish

Tue May 11:

“Mom! I’ll give you 5 whole US Dollars to clean my room.” He emphasis USD like that’s supposed to get me excited.

“Boy! Leave me alone.” Disrespectful! AndrΓ© says the stupidest shit, but it always makes me laugh.

BTW – My koala looks retarded – Dee was laughing at me. I was sitting there doing the eyes and I felt like I should look up an image, but you know, I figured I knew what I was doing – but I didn’t because I inverted the eye colour. BTW – I’m still waiting for my glasses (I think that’s the real reason I reversed the eye colour).

Yesterday I was sorting my post categories and everything was going fine, then it wasn’t. WordPress site became unresponsive – I had to close my browser and I thought I had lost my poem but it went into draft mode (unpublished). It’s cool going through my old stuff – I mean these are just a year old but they’re funny … well, I think they are and that’s all that matters πŸ™‚

My Life as a project manager
The Imaginative Workaholic (link fixed)
My Love of Writing
Alcoholic Ninja
Let’s Hope Walter Never Reads This
Busted Time Machine

Some of my poems are cheesy, like the one about my love of okra. I wanted to remove them – but that would be me censoring myself and I promised me not to! I wrote what I felt in the moment – but that doesn’t keep me from wondering if I could have said it better, or wanting to change it a year later, “I should have said (insert whatever) instead. UGH! Why didn’t I think of that!” There’s something about poetry – I love that it’s accessible; anyone can write about anything they want.

Dee is into Fengshui and Vastu – which she said is kinda like the Indian version. I rearranged my room today and I turned off my news notifications – but before I did that, I found this great article on empaths and HSPs – it caught my eye because I think the author said, as a child, she was told she was too sensitive, or to stop being so sensitive and to thicken her skin and I said to myself, “OMG! My dad used to tell me that all the time!” I think he thought he was doing me a favour, but I’ve learned to embrace my sensitive, thin skinned self! It took me tens of thousands of years but I did it! I feel like my sense of humour doesn’t match my sensitive nature – but I pretty much laugh at everything.

Oh yeah – so the article was in Apple News, and it wouldn’t let me continue reading until I subscribed for their one-month trial, then 13$ a month after. I started reading, then I tried to open the link in Chrome and it worked, but the Apple News app would pop up – telling me that News offers a better reading experience and if I tried going back to the article it would disappear and I’d have to reload the article again. Anyway – when I tried looking for the article on a non-apple device, I couldn’t find it. I cancelled my subscription and deleted the Apple News app. Now I don’t have any news feeds which is fine with me.

I think some people don’t believe in empaths and HSPs but history has proven that there are lots of things we “feel” before we have enough “convincing” evidence to prove it scientifically. I also found and took PrinciplesYou a new personality test from Ray Dalio. When you finish the test it gives you the top three archetypes you are most like – After Inventor, it says, I am also a good match for Shaper and Growth Seeker – I didn’t finish reading my results yet. So far, it’s all free.

– From PrinciplesYou

You are most like The Inventor – Inventors are driven by coming up with new and innovative ideas, products and solutions. They tend to be creative, open-minded, conceptual, spontaneous and at times disorganized and unstructured.

– From PrinciplesYou

You should take the test – I like how they emphasize that there is nothing inherently good or bad in scoring a certain way. When I was young – I took every quiz in Cosmo and any other quiz I could get my hands on.

In case you are wondering, there are over 10 million articles on Google about spreadsheet design πŸ™‚ – I plan to read all of them – I wish Google could aggregate and give me one article with the most common trends from each site – like an Expedia or Kayak but for information. (I feel like I’ve wished for this before.) WordPress upsets me – the previewing of your posts don’t tell you the truth – I had to go back and change the block type I used on Sunday for the images – the other one was cutting them off, in Chrome and Safari on my phone and iPad.

I went for a walk today and I felt like I could start running again. Don’t get too excited, it’s just a feeling!

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