Life and Meh – Q2ish

Sat May 8:

Yo! I am so happy and proud of myself right now! Had a productive arting day – I wrote a poem and I did my first comic/short story/microburst graphic thing! 🙂 – Prozac vs Climate Change

I sorta have a name for my microbursts they will be short graphic stories in a minimalist art format – I am assuming that I can convey my message with less – Which I’ve spoken about before, but, like a nut, I sometimes forget and go off on tangents that lead me right back to where I was before – I think that’s a good thing because it reaffirms the direction I need to take. I am also assuming I have enough art knowledge to create minimalist art – but guess what? Dee has agreed to review my work and give feedback. This means I will be producing while I am learning and refining.

Today I learned that filler words are equivalent to clutter in art (my comparison only). I have to learn to ask myself, “Does the thing that I added or are thinking about adding, create value or is it better if I left it out?” It still takes forever for me to find images for my posts. I try hard to give myself a deadline but if I don’t find something I am happy with I will keep searching. Naturally, the deadline goes out the window, never by months or years, but hours, days … a few weeks max.

Even the presentation I have been working on all this week – I’m kicking myself because even though I know it doesn’t have to be perfect and I also give myself deadlines, it’s almost as if I have to be forced to let go – My boss, or someone, has to say, “If you don’t hand it over right now, I’ll kill you! Got it!” Then I will reluctantly relinquish my work. Now back to finding an image for my poem yesterday – I give myself fifteen minutes but it took over an hour, which ended up being longer than it took for me to write the damn poem! smh. BUT I am happy with the result.

I try to accept myself for who I am, while also looking to improve and for fast , better ways of doing things without compromising too much on quality. FYI – I love creating Japanese type poems, haiku, senryu and tanka, because they force me to simplify – although sometimes I cheat by putting words in brackets. lol!

Sleep tight!

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