Life and Meh – Q2ish

Sun Jun 20:

🎢 It’s just another day for you and me in paradise. Paradise! Pling. Pling. Pling. Pling. Pling. Pling. Pling. 🎢 I don’t know about you but it is definitely paradise for me – well my definition of paradise for now (subject to change without notice.) You should watch Riders of Justice (2020). Perfect mix of action and my kinda comedy. I stayed in bed way longer than I should have for my afternoon nap and by the time I got going and into what I was doing, it was 8:45 pm – From now on I will save my weekends for learning and doing non-work stuff. Not that I did work stuff this weekend, just saying.

I am going to need lots of space for stop motion stuff – eventually – right now I am making reusable items and will focus on outdoor scenes. I was obsessing about proportions – like how tall should my guy be compared to a house or a tree – what’s the proper scale? What if he needs to go through a door – then I thought about real-life proportions, e.g. my height compared to the front door, compared to a building, bus, car, etc. Then Dee told me to take it easy, cause it’s my first time … so I just started making stuff – and I guess I could make the person half the size of the tree and double size of buildings compared to trees right?!?

my stuff so far!

🎢 I love Monday! Sweet, sweet Monday. Makes me laugh, makes me sigh all the while don’t know why I love Monday! 🎢 (it’s not working yet, but it’s gonna!)

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