Life and Meh – Q2ish

Sat May 1:

Unfortunately I had to start a new journal entry. I think the other one is too big because it takes a really long time to load. I’m waiting up to a minute before I can even start updating it. Kinda like how I take a long time to load and unload head stuff when I feel crappy. All is good so far with having individual “pages” per posting type – I didn’t have to create new pages; I just had to add the categories to the menu and it sorta looks like pages. I am happy.

Lots of sleeping today I did. But not because I was having a bad day – at least I don’t think so – I think maybe I was procrastinating cause I am not sure on where to get started with my microbursts and I still have to organize my categories because I don’t want the same posts appearing on multiple pages, so from now on I will attach only one category per post! I’ve only gone through ~ 50 of 170 posts that likely have multiple categories. Ugh!!! Good thing though – I don’t have any uncategorized posts. Hmmm – that might have been easier to organize.

The water pressure in my apartment sucks ass and it is really hard for me to clean the fish tank with the tube thing properly. Did I tell you three of my fish died? Not DJ thank goodness! I don’t know if it’s because I changed their food – maybe it was like poison for some of them. Removing dead fish sucks and I feel awful after! My chiropractor remembered the towel. I cheered and he laughed.

Matt got his new phone, a 10 or XR, and I got my little Bluetooth keyboard and so far I love it. It’s nice and flat and unassuming and lovely – I am off to continue sorting my posts – then I will have to reorganize my microbursts collection into individual posts. I feel like I don’t want to just type my stories – I want to write and draw them but I don’t know how to translate that into a post – maybe I save it as an image? I am looking forward to giving each mini story it’s own post, even though I cannot picture it yet.

Yesterday I took the stairs to get my package out of the oversized package delivery mailbox – it’s shameful how utterly out of shape I am. I shouldn’t even be telling you. My legs are killing me today and I’m totally surprised because I went down the stairs – not even up. In general, physically, I’m feeling pretty good – I had my lentil soup w/ cabbage and spinach for lunch and I will be having a late dinner of beyond meat burger – I wanted cake but now I am conscious of dairy and egg products in my desserts so I didn’t get anything. Are you proud of me? I know right! I even passed up an offer for bubble tea from Dee.

I’ve been looking through a book called Sketchbooks by Richard Brereton and I found a neat way to keep track of my moods – And it’s May first so I have to get started – I will start from last Tuesday though, when I felt super shitty – Super Shitty Sam (my arch nemesis). OMG I could see myself – a drab, soiled grey outfit with a brown poo hat (filled with real poop causing flies to swarm around my head). Once again, I will be very happy when I can produce images of all the stuff that goes on in my head. Did I tell you about my dancing parrot dream? I feel like I did, so I am not going to tell you again.

Sleep like a fish in dirty water! Bad good night!

Feature Photo Credit: Image by Yuri_B from Pixabay

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