Life and Meh – Q2ish

Sat Jun 26:

I cried today cause Dee is moving out again. I don’t understand why I am sad this time, she’s moved out before. The last time I probably pushed it down and acted like it didn’t bother me. Now that I am more in tune with my feelings cause of that damn ferris wheel, this shit is happening. I really feel sad. Sad sucks! BTW – my therapist told me I should start at the outside of the wheel and work my way in, but it is easier for me to start from the inside out, once my understanding of feelings aren’t so shallow anymore it will get easier. I know angry (my go to), sad and happy.

I got carried away and bought way too many Hi-Chews

“Mom! If you came in my room and saw me masturbating what would you do?”

“Ugh! Dré! Leave me alone.”

“Seriously! What would you do?”

“Did you take out the recycling?”

“Not yet!”

“Well. If you’re planning to play with yourself please take that stuff downstairs first. Consider it foreplay!”

He tells me about some mom who stood at the door and waited for her son to finish. That doesn’t sound right to me. These are the kind of questions I get as he consumes social media shit! He mostly watches those reaction videos, UFC/Boxing/Training stuff and anime. That’s how he spends his days – He’s not as much of a gamer as Dee and Matt.

I been working on my props and watchbird pic – gots more to do PLUS I gots me two lines for my next poem which is not enough for a concrete. But I know what the shape is going to be.

Staffing is More Than Hiring

A high-performing organization doesn’t merely recruit and hire employees. It actively orients them to the culture and goals of the organization, and turns them from outsiders into insiders. It gives them initial training to start their jobs and ongoing training to improve in them. It recognizes that giving employees opportunities to advance within the organization means they don’t have to leave to get promoted, and the business does not have to restart the hiring process.

As of 2018 according to Work Institute 22.2% of employees quit for career development reasons followed by 12% for work-life balance and 11.3% due to manager behaviour.

# 14 of 101 Things I Learned in Business School
That’s my gate on the left for the entrance to the courtyard and the start of my fence. I’m the Bad Ass, in case you didn’t know!

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