Life and Meh – Q2ish

Wed May 26:

Wrote my first illustrated poem. Pip! Pip! Boo Hoo! πŸ™‚

I am checking out some other WordPress themes that won’t put me in the poorhouse or worse yet, nohouse. More than anything else, I like the final look of my art when using a pen brush – particularly the studio pen that comes with Procreate. I forgot that I could add text to my art – I wrote my poem in Procreate and exported everything as a .png file. I can’t explain to you the look I am going for with the site but I will know it when I see it because I am already intimately familiar with it in my head πŸ™‚ .

On Monday, a bunch of guys were in the field shooting fireworks at each other. They looked like they were all friends but what idiots. Someone called the cops on them. Two police cars arrived and broke up the “death by fireworks” party. Whenever I see people doing idiotic shit I am reminded of all the idiotic shit I used to do – Thank God I survived. Some people require constant supervision.

AndrΓ© wanted pizza. I told him to order it himself via Uber Eats: “Mom! Are they charging me 2$ for one pepperoni?”

My sister wants to go to Jamaica for Christmas – I don’t think I will have any vacation days left by then – whenever I feel like shit, I take a half-day or a full day, plus I was planning to take a week or two in July. I could always work from Jamaica as I did from the BnB in London last holiday season. I’m a freak – I only come out at night πŸ™‚

These glasses are making my vision blurry. I think I’m seeing less good. I decided to start writing in my Me Journal, but don’t worry – I will still discuss with you. There’s a notes section at the back, I’ve been asking dad about my childhood:

Me Journal:

  • Question to my Dad: How old was I when I started reading?
    • Response: Before three years. Thanks to your maternal grandmother
  • When someone says … (word in bold) You think of … (= answer)
    • Taboo = Nothing (to clarify – I think we should be able to talk about anything – what we do, is a different story)
    • Tan = Sun (then Beach, then White People)
    • Tears = of joy
    • Tease = Flirt
    • Theatres = Plays
    • Thunder = Sun (then Rain, then Lightning)
    • Ties = Rope (then Bows)
    • Time = Waste (then Clock)
    • Toll = Troll
    • Triumph = Succeed
    • Truth = Essential
  • Words you like/love:
    • Hai (yes)
    • Aka (red)
    • Ichi (one)
    • Mizu (water)
    • Absolutely
    • Bent
    • Smorgasbord
    • Shit
    • Urinate (this isn’t a word I use often but I like how my mouth moves when I say it and I like how it sounds)
    • Motherfucker
    • Bitch
    • Yo
    • Breathless

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