Life and Meh – Q2ish

Sun May 2:

Today I learned that radicchio are bitter – they remind me of Karela. They say bitter vegetables are good for something – maybe for your blood. I slept a lot today too. I don’t think I can tell the difference between subtle mode changes only extreme ones.

I made a variation of a spinach and mushroom salad – I was only supposed to cook the mushrooms but the radicchio was so bitter raw, I figured I’d cook it too. It’s still bitter. Lol. I ate it with rice. This vegan thing isn’t rocket science – For example, this recipe was supposed to have bacon, I didn’t include it and added more mushrooms instead. Sometimes it is almost as if I have to get things completely right or worked out in my head before moving forward. I am not like that with work stuff though – I can start and think about perfecting it after but it’s the complete opposite for non-work stuff. Even my mood tracker – I was looking at all sorts of different ones, to get ideas and I realized they didn’t really suit me because my mood can change multiple times in a day. I had to force myself to get started, I don’t like what I have but it’s something and I can improve on it later.

Lately, I also noticed that I don’t need to have something playing in the background to focus – Last week, mostly in the morning, I will start work without music, because everyone is asleep and after a while I will notice how quiet it is. I am starting to enjoy the silence. I even cooked without music today. 🙂 Just me and my thoughts and my task.

I am not done organizing myworkself and I need to re-prioritize a few things based on request form my boss and discussion with out CFO last Friday. I won’t feel at ease until I know that I have everything written down and catalogued with proper prioritization and dates. I also have to take a look at my OKRs

I used the WordPress app on my iPad to publish this post 🙂 – Lets hope it does what it looks like it’s gonna do.

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