Alien Rats and Limbic Updates

Surprise! Yesterday after posting my journal Matt came into my room, “Mom. Thank you for washing the dishes. No need for double homicide.” I laugh and say, “You’re welcome.” Dre also said thank you. 🙂

Always, I assume people know I’m joking because the things I say are completely ridiculous; those people include my children. Now I wonder … maybe I shouldn’t assume, but I cannot prefix or suffix everything with, “This is a joke!?” That would take the fun out of it all. No joy! No joy! Being joyless sucks!

When Snow eats, she closes her eyes like, “Mmmm. This tastes sooooo good.”

BTW: Last night, I found out the rats are aliens. While dining, we talked for hours about philosophy, sciences, and our favourite movies. When we move to Mount Fuji, their space friends and family can visit and stay over while waiting to get their ships and other doohickeys fixed.

Getting there! The repair shop is underground!

Tomorrow afternoon I have my annual Sunnybrook checkup.

Ugh! Finally! My limbic system will get a much-needed software update at the end of the month. The developers are so, so, very, very late. QA had better do proper regression testing. This is one update we cannot rollback.

Sun Mar 20, 2022

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