Journal Entry – Tue Nov 10

I glanced at the clock, 3:47 pm. It was past my bedtime but I didn’t sleep today! I am going to start wearing and sleeping with my Fitbit again to monitor my sleeping patterns better. I just wish it was flat like a nicotine patch because it is not comfortable for sleeping.

I’m gonna buy The Monocle Book of Gentle Living.

Dee and I spent about two hours looking at properties. The Fam and I are taking off to an Airbnb for the entire month of December. Looking forward to the change of scenery. My plan is to work as usual, no vacation days but I will have to buy another monitor before the end of the month. I cannot work on a laptop screen alone. I’ll keep that as my travel monitor.

One location had the hot tub to end all hot tubs in their backyard.

Vintage Cottage Country Jacuzzi (I see crazy shit! – Hot Tub Time Machine (2010))

If I was single, I would probably give up my apartment and just roam. There is so much of Ontario, well, Canada, in fact, that I haven’t seen. And now that I am not required to be in the office, travelling in that way would be perfect. Damn kids!

Tomorrow I will tell you about Lecture 14: Nightmares and the Dream Self. This one is going to be good!

Feature Photo Credit: Valiphotos from Pixabay

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