May 25 – Journal Entry

Working on job aids – I made a PM workflow. I wish I could make it look like a neat infographic, but it’s a flowchart and it gets the point across – which is all that matters. It is a job aid after all. I worked past midnight – I just couldn’t stop myself. That’s why I’m posting my journal morning of May 26.

It was soooooo hot. I got ready to go outside, then I looked at the temperature and changed my mind. It was like 28c – that’s “stand and sweat” temp. It’s supposed to be hot tomorrow too. Every year I say I am going to get an AC, then I forget until it gets crazy hot again – I’m gonna shop for an AC this week.

I wish I was in South Korea so I could get service from the robot barista – She (it) takes orders, can make 60 different drinks and serve you. (isn’t it “funny” how I assigned a gender to a robot).

My boss is talking about rotating work between home and office – which is fine, I don’t mind getting out, but I don’t want to take the subway to get to work. Plus, he’s always paranoid about people breaking in and stealing shit. Why!? Lucky for me, I am just as productive at home as I am at the office.

I am productive anywhere, anytime, always – I could be getting chased by a serial killer, and I’ll still get shit done. My house could be on fire, and I’ll be like, “I’ll be out in a sec, just gotta finish this.” (hopefully, none of that ever happens.)

Stay cool! (literally and figuratively)

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