Go To Bed Already

I feel incredibly miserable right now, and I don’t even know why. I spent most of the evening looking at new themes – I don’t know if I am completely happy with this one and I can’t go back to the one I had because it’s retired.

Anyhow, it’s 9:35 pm and I am not happy! Even though you can preview themes, I can never get a feel for the theme until I actually see it on my site. Then I gotta figure out how to edit shit, then I change my mind. I musta went through five themes already. AND … I said to myself, “Sam! Wait until the weekend because you will have more time!” But no … I had to do it today!

And my poems where I used the verse block, they’re now in a grey box – Why!!!

They have this new full site editing thing and I don’t even get it! So it’s stupid! (smh) And now it’s late and I can’t even relax and colour. I’m gonna go to bed mad, wake up madder and take shit out on everybody every chance I get and blame it on WordPress!

I hope you had a good day … No. I really do!

Making random animal noises and blood-curdling screaming will make me feel better. So that’s what I’m gonna do.


Tue Apr 12, 2022

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