Detours on the Way to Greatness

I'm tired of myself
Believing my own lies
My consistent inconsistency

Today I found a habit tracker - Just a spreadsheet
However ...  I love everything that is new 
So, I am going to use it (for at least two weeks)
More - I hope because this time is going to be different

I am going to be different (obviously)
Because now I am on my way to becoming ...

A Great Athlete
A Great Sleeper 
(I spent way too much for my bed. Don't know if it's helping cause I didn't get it yet)
A Great Avoid-er of Junk (Mental, emotional and nutritional)
A Great Buddhist (Story for another time)
A Great Storyteller
A Great-er Mom (lol) 
A Great Loser of Weight (and all other kinds of baggage)
A Great Speaker of Japanese

Stay Tuned

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